PHOTO BOOKS 1918 TO 1945



The database is not complete and finished, but is continuously updated and revised. The participation of book collectors, photo historians, librarians, booksellers and other users is expressly welcome. So if you can help corrections and / or additions to individual entries, please report them to the following e-mail address with, if possible, like with an image file as evidence.

What position to take the in the database listed holdings in the work of photographers involved one, in the issuing publishing program, the concept of the book series or in the spectrum of each picture thread?

This further questions about the context of the photo books are autopsy in the two-volume work. GERMAN-SPEAKING PHOTOBOOKS 1918 to 1945. BAND 1 treated in richly illustrated technical papers. Volume 1 is available, Volume 2 will be released-2013. By clicking on the volumes you will receive information on the content and access to the books ordered from interest also. The volumes are content independently and sold separately.

Manfred Heiting / Roland Jaeger (Ed.):
Autopsy. German Language Photobooks
1918 to 1945. Volume 1 & 2;
Göttingen: Steidl Verlag, 2012, 2014
ISBN 978-3-86930-412-0 [Volume 1]
ISBN 978-3-89630-433-5 [Volume 2]